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vTestify Reporter is a purpose-built remote deposition platform that combines secure video conferencing, interactive exhibit management, and cloud storage of deposition assets in a simple to use, professional interface, powered by vTestify. Attorneys can easily upload, share, stamp, and annotate digital exhibits, closely emulating existing deposition workflows to provide participants with a simple and intuitive experience. vTestify Reporter is built for legal and stands out as a leader in today’s modern litigation technology.

vTestify Reporter is a simple-to-use virtual legal proceeding platform that combines:

  • Secure video conferencing
  • Interactive exhibit management
  • Cloud storage
  • Secure screen sharing
  • AI powered testimony review tool


The Future of Remote Depositions Starts Here

Web-Based Platform

  • Nothing to download or install, the vTestify Reporter platform is browser-based for Mac, PC, and Android devices
  • The iOS application is now available for download on iPads and iPhones

Integrated Exhibit Management

  • Built-in exhibit management for pdf, image, and office documents
  • Uploaded exhibits are private until shared
  • Stamp, share, and annotate exhibits with just a click
  • Share Screen allows you to display other files including audio and video

Accessible Sidebar Rooms

  • Private and lockable sidebar rooms provide a secure area for off-the-record discussions
  • Sidebar rooms are only open and available when off the record

Industry Standard Security

  • Account based authentication ensures that no uninvited parties may join your proceeding
  • Video and web traffic is end-to-end encrypted
  • All exhibit and audio/video files are encrypted at rest

Advancing Remote Depositions

  • We are constantly working to perfect our platform for you; with continuous updates based on customer feedback and market demand our goal is to provide the highest quality deposition experience

Live Support

  • We operate 24/7 and are always prepared to help with session setup and onboarding assistance
  • Should you have any issues or questions before, during, or after your deposition do not hesitate to reach out
  • Whether you are taking a single deposition with a handful of attendees or setting up an arbitration with hundreds of participants over a series of weeks, COURT REPORTER will customize the solution that suits your needs
  • Please click here to Schedule a deposition with us using vTestify Reporter (powered by vTestify).

Optional FAQ for Consideration


What is vTestify Reporter?
  • vTestify Reporter is a built for legal platform designed to capture remote depositions.vTestify Reporter is a built for legal platform designed to capture remote depositions.
What is different about vTestify Reporter?
  • vTestify Reporter is different because it is an all-in-one platform designed for remote testimony capture and exhibit management. This platform includes industry standard video conferencing features, integrated exhibit management, AI driven speech-to-text, complete with intuitive controls, and full video and exhibit encryption.
Do I still need to use a videoconference program with vTestify Reporter exhibit sharing?
  • No, vTestify Reporter has high quality video conferencing built into the platform. This all-in-one platform integrates both video conferencing and exhibit management.
How many participants can attend a vTestify Reporter deposition?
  • vTestify Reporter can support up to 49 participants via computer with up to 20 simultaneous video streams displayed at once.
Which browsers are compatible with vTestify Reporter?
  • vTestify Reporter is compatible with the latest versions of both the Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge browsers.
Can you use two screens with vTestify Reporter?
  • Yes, vTestify Reporter is a versatile program that does not limit the user to a single screen. The picture-in-picture function allows for video to populate multiple places on multi-screen configurations.
Do I need to use two screens with vTestify Reporter?
  • No, the platform is highly customizable and is fully functional on a single screen without the need for a second.
Can I join by telephone? By computer audio?
  • Joining by telephone, computer audio, or a combination of computer and dial in are all customizable options with vTestify Reporter.
Do you have a mobile version of vTestify Reporter?
  • vTestify Reporter is fully functional on Android Devices, we also have a dedicated iOS application available on the App Store, vTestify Connect
Does each participant need a vTestify Reporter account?
  • No, with the newly launched Guest Join feature, attendees such as the witness and participants who do not have the need for uploading and sharing accounts can quickly join a proceeding as a guest. Participants that plan to upload, share, and annotate exhibits on the record must create an account for full functionality of the platform.


Can the opposing counsel see my documents before they are introduced?
  • No, vTestify Reporter ensures that privacy is a focus, any exhibit uploaded to the platform is completely hidden from all other participants until shared on the record.
Which exhibit file formats does vTestify Reporter support?
  • vTestify Reporter natively supports PDFs, image files (.png, .jpg) and office files (Word, PowerPoint, & Excel) which are automatically converted to the PDF filetype. All other filetypes are currently supported via screen share.
Can I view Excel files?
  • Yes, Excel files can be uploaded into the native exhibit management system. In addition, screen sharing can be utilized to share a single application to highlight an Excel file and specific cell formulas.
Can I stamp exhibits?
  • Exhibit stamping is built into the platform, with intuitive controls that make it easier than applying an exhibit sticker in a same-room deposition. We also optimize this workflow by tracking previous exhibit stamping and showing it on when placing a stamp on a new exhibit to make exhibit sequencing easier.
Who can annotate exhibits?
  • Annotations can be done by anyone given permission by the exhibit owner, as well as the host. Our exhibit permission controls allow the Exhibit owner, the attendee who introduced the exhibit, to control who has the ability to annotate on their exhibit.
Can opposing counsel introduce exhibits during cross-examination?
  • Yes, deposition participants may upload and share their exhibits when they are ready to begin questioning.
Does vTestify Reporter support the case management of exhibits?
  • Not at this time, each user and deposition have files that are individual to the user that uploaded to that single room, unless shared on the record for all attendees to see.
Can you annotate a document on a shared screen?
  • No, we currently do not support screen sharing annotations.
What do I do if I enter the wrong exhibit number?
  • Up until the deposition is ended, the stamp on any exhibit can be deleted and changed to correct a mistake.
What annotation tools are available?
  • Standard annotations included are freehand drawing, shapes (such as a box or circle), highlight, underline, strike through, and signature (with touch control on enabled devices).


How is screen sharing different from exhibit presentation?
  • Screen sharing can be customized for entire screens, single applications, and even single browser tabs for a wide range of uses. This is a controlled view of a screen or application rather than full access to a deposition exhibit.
Does vTestify Reporter support exhibits that are video clips?
  • Videos and all other filetypes not listed as natively managed exhibits are currently supported via screen share.
Do I have the ability to share my screen and individual applications?
  • Yes, you have the ability to share an entire screen, individual applications, and individual browser tabs.
How do I stamp an exhibit introduced using screen sharing?
  • Currently we do not support stamping an exhibit shared while utilizing the screen sharing feature.
What is a “Privacy Shade”?
  • The privacy shade is automatically turned on when screen sharing is started, it blocks the list of exhibits uploaded to help prevent screen sharing your exhibit list. This helps to keep exhibits that have not been introduced on the record private while screen sharing.


Does vTestify Reporter have break-out rooms?
  • vTestify Reporter has four lockable sidebar rooms available for use while the matter is off the record.
Can I record in a sidebar room?
  • No, the sidebar room cannot be recorded and can only be accessed while off the record.
Can anyone enter any sidebar room?
  • Yes, anyone can enter sidebar rooms, unless locked.
Are sidebar rooms locked?
  • Sidebar rooms may be locked from the inside of the room, like an in-person conference room.


Do we need a videographer to record a deposition?
  • Our purpose-built platform does produce a high-definition video file with time stamping that can be used for legal purposes. A professional videographer may be required depending on the jurisdiction.
What happens if two people talk over each other?
  • Our system does not mute or silence other speakers allowing objecting parties to be heard. Additionally, Scriptsync, the AI driven speech-to-text audio redundancy tool, records isolated audio segments to eliminate cross talk.
What file format is the video saved to?
  • The video is exportable in Mp4 high-definition video format.


What is ScriptSync?
  • ScriptSync is an AI driven speech-to-text tool that can be used as an assistant to the court reporter, an audio redundancy, and a tool to eliminate crosstalk or a combination.
Does ScriptSync replace Realtime?
  • No, ScriptSync is not a replacement for real time, is not exportable, and is not at that high standard of accuracy.
Can I get a rough transcript from ScriptSync?
  • ScriptSync is not a rough, it is not accurate enough to be used as a rough and is not exportable meaning that it lives only in the platform as a cloud asset.
Can I search over ScriptSync?
  • Yes, ScriptSync is keywork searchable.
Can I play back ScriptSync clips during the deposition?
  • Yes, ScriptSync audio can be played during the deposition to review what was said on the record.
How accurate is ScriptSync?
  • ScriptSync is about as accurate as mobile phone speech-to-text tools, with accuracy varying based on audio quality and speech patterns.


Can I download a video after the proceeding?
  • Yes, as long as permissions are granted high definition Mp4 files can be downloaded
Can I download an audio file of the proceeding?
  • Currently we do not support downloading an audio only file, if there are no videos being recorded a Mp4 file is still downloadable, but it is not an audio only file.
Can the witness download the exhibits?
  • Only if download permissions are granted by the service provider.
Can I download my marked exhibits after the proceeding?
  • Yes, annotations are saved and there is a copy able to be downloaded as long as permissions are granted by the service provider.
Can opposing counsel download exhibits (marked or unmarked)?
  • Opposing counsel can download the marked exhibits as long as permissions are granted by the service provider.
Can I download a ScriptSync synchronized video after the proceeding?
  • No, ScriptSync is not exportable, it lives only inside of the platform as a cloud asset.
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